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Bot Brackets — The Bracket Contest for Programmers

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What is Bot Brackets?

Bot Brackets is a March Madness bracket contest where the bracket is filled out by a JavaScript program you write.

How it's different

In many bracket contests, you pick the winners all up-front, so if your late-round favorites get knocked out early, you're out of the running. The way some contests address this is to do round-by-round picks. Instead, this contest runs calculations for all potential matchups up front, so you have the flavor of "once you pick it, it's final" without the "I've been eliminated" aftertaste.

Moreover, merely picking a winner is too simple. This contest allows you to apportion the available points between the two teams in each matchup in a risk-vs-reward tradeoff. To get a lot of points, you have to pick heavily in favor of the winning team; but if you pick wrong, you suffer. If you're not sure, you can always play it safe, but you may not do as well as the other players. (If you like, you can think of this as "fuzzy logic".)